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Not all tinted lenses are created equal. TheraSpecs precision-tinted eyewear prevent and relieve the headaches, migraines, and eyestrain commonly experienced while looking at computer and device screens. They work by filtering the wavelengths of light that are most likely to cause these issues and help with both LCD and LED computer screens. Screens emit notoriously high levels of blue light, which research shows causes the most pain response in people who are sensitive to light. TheraSpecs block up to 25 times more blue light than other computer glasses.1 Alleviate your office headache with TheraSpecs so you can be even more productive at home or in the workplace.

TheraSpecs Glasses for Computer Screen Light Sensitivity

TheraSpecs computer glasses and LCD monitors

LCD computer monitors use a fluorescent bulb to light the liquid crystal panel that we see. All fluorescent lights pulse and while this pulsing is faster than we can see, research has shown our brains still detect it. This pulsing can trigger migraines, headaches, eyestrain, and other issues. For this type of monitor, TheraSpecs protect your eyes and brain by filtering the wavelengths that have the worst pulsing.

TheraSpecs computer glasses and LED monitors

LED computer monitors are actually LCD monitors but are lit by LEDs instead of fluorescent bulbs. They have two potential problems. First, LED-lit screens are very bright in the blue part of the spectrum that is most likely to trigger or worsen headaches, migraines, and eyestrain. TheraSpecs’ precision-tinted lenses filter these wavelengths to provide relief.

Second, LEDs can only be completely on or completely off. To simulate any brightness less than 100%, they must pulse on and off. This means that dimming these screens causes an invisible flicker, but unlike fluorescents this is across all colors. If you find your LED-lit LCD bothers you, try keeping the brightness at 100% to stop this flicker. If that's uncomfortably bright, first try adjusting your computer’s white balance to make the light warmer or use a program like f.lux, which automatically changes the white balance according to the time of day. TheraSpecs can also help cut the brightness—and the blue light—but don’t use sunglasses! Dark lenses make you more sensitive to light when worn indoors and your body adapts to the darkness.

Research shows that TheraSpecs:

  • Protect you from screen light

  • Filter up to 25x more harmful blue light

  • Reduce migraines and headaches

  • Relieve painful light sensitivity

Man wearing indoor TheraSpecs, working on computer

What customers are saying

Juliette wearing indoor Audrey TheraSpecs for computers

"They’ve completely changed the way I feel at the computer, and I’ve had so much more energy and much less stress throughout the entire day. My symptoms are gone. I always have them on me, even when using my phone."
-Juliette, North Carolina, USA

David wearing indoor TheraSpecs, Haven frame

"I wanted to thank you for this great product, your glasses are amazing and they help me to get relief at my work, where I work all day in front a computer. They are truly amazing, you are a lifesaver!"
-David, Belgium

Tara wearing indoor TheraSpecs, Keaton frame

"TheraSpecs make these tinted indoor glasses and they help if I have to be around fluorescent lights or in front of a computer too long. They may not get rid of a migraine but they can help delay it or make it less intense."
-Tara, Ontario, Canada

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Designed for Maximum Relief

TheraSpecs are the only computer glasses designed specifically for migraine sufferers. They block light from above and the sides and are ultra-lightweight and flexible to minimize pressure on already-sensitive heads.

Money-back Guaranteed

While we think that TheraSpecs will help, every brain is different. If they don’t help you can always return your undamaged pair back to us for a fast and courteous refund.

Try them and see how they can help you or your loved one take control, stop fearing the light, and find relief!

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1Visible light transmission by wavelength measured using f.luxometer software

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