"I Have Found My Smile Again" (Tara's Story)

"I Have Found My Smile Again" (Tara's Story)

Posted by Greg Bullock on 17th Sep 2018

As an educator in Arlington, Texas, it was one of Tara’s great joys to build connection with her students and support their maturation as young pupils. Tara was truly the teacher that always had a smile on her face.

Unfortunately, vestibular migraine—and accompanying sensitivity to light—began to make life and work difficult.

"When vestibular migraines hit me, I was sidelined; I could not enjoy the small things," she said. "Walking down the hall at work or watching students pass me in line was unbearable. Walking into the cafeteria made me so dizzy I could not stand."

Even the light of her computer screen or gentle scrolling on social media was enough to trigger her symptoms. Tara did not know or understand what was happening or how she might be able to counteract the effects.

Then her neurologist and her physical therapist both recommended FL-41 tinted glasses from TheraSpecs, citing their effectiveness in reducing vestibular issues brought on by light. She immediately went online and ordered the Audrey Blue Indoor pair. After a few weeks of regular use, she noticed the profound benefits these glasses provided her.

"Since using TheraSpecs I have experienced a tremendous change of life. I feel like the old me again," she said. "I wear them anywhere I feel there might be an issue as a proactive measure."

Most importantly, Tara is back to doing what she does best: connecting with students all over her campus. She even describes one of her favorite activities in which she has the opportunity to spend time with kindergarten and first grade students during cafeteria duty on Fridays; instead of being stuck in the nurse’s office with light-triggered dizziness, she gets to laugh with her “littles,” as she calls them. It is one of the many gifts that she says TheraSpecs have given her.

Tara in TheraSpecs and her little
Here is Tara, wearing Audrey TheraSpecs, and one of her "littles." Used with permission.

"I have found my smile again. Thank you to TheraSpecs for giving me my life back."

Stories like these are why we exist as a company. We want our glasses to help people get back to the way life was before light sensitivity and chronic illness took over. And it gives our team a wonderful thrill when we are able to help Tara and the thousands more like her do just that.

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