"They Made Living with Migraines More Manageable" (Kristeen’s Story)

"They Made Living with Migraines More Manageable" (Kristeen’s Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 14th Jul 2020

For those who have never had migraine or another light-sensitive condition, it can be easy to overlook or dismiss the debilitating impact of photophobia on a person’s life. The truth is it is not as simple as "light causes pain"— instead light sensitivity represents a symptom that affects numerous aspects of daily living and influences various parts of the human body.

Kristeen has understood these effects for years as a result of having chronic migraine, with many of her attacks meeting the definition for status migrainosus or lasting more than 72 hours. This has also led to persistent light sensitivity, which has made even the most normal of activities a challenge; shopping in big box stores or driving (even on overcast days) are brutally painful for her eyes. Even her regular commute to work had degraded over time due to this sensitivity to bright light.

"I never used to wear sunglasses at all, I prefer to allow my pupils to adjust to natural lighting, but this is no longer an option for me as my migraines got worse on only a four mile drive to work without protection from the light," she said. "Eventually even the sunglasses were no longer helping and I would have a migraine by the time I got to work."

It was at this point that Kristeen learned of the FL-41 tint and how it can improve symptoms of light sensitivity. Initially, she was concerned about the price of higher-end brands like TheraSpecs, so she opted for a cheaper alternative from overseas. While she noticed they did help, she was disappointed in the style and low quality of the lenses. In addition, they did not offer an option for reader-strength lenses. This ultimately led her to TheraSpecs.

"I chose TheraSpecs because they offered me the option to purchase a bifocal reader, which I really need as I also have presbyopia and can no longer read print without reading glasses," she said. "This allows me to use them at home on the computer, at work, when reading text on my phone, or when reading documents and signing paperwork."

After several weeks of using our glasses, she started to feel the difference in her migraine and photophobia symptoms. In particular, they were helpful in allowing her to engage in long text message exchanges with her friends and family. Whereas before it would be incredibly painful to look at her phone for too long, she now does not have to shy away from extended screen time with TheraSpecs.

"This has not eliminated my migraines but they have made living with migraines more manageable. I have been recommending your glasses to others with migraines."

It’s fantastic to see another TheraSpecs customer doing more of what they love with the help of our glasses! We want to reduce or eliminate the pain of everyday lighting so that they can feel more free to participate in life. Thank you Kristeen, we wish continued relief!

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