Ordering ANSI Certified TheraSpecs Lenses for Safety Glasses

Ordering ANSI Certified TheraSpecs Lenses for Safety Glasses

Written by Greg Bullock on 17th May 2017

Some employers require safety glasses on the job to protect their workers from hazards, but many of their employees may also need shielding from fluorescent lighting or other light sources due to photophobia, migraine or post-concussion syndrome. TheraSpecs precision-tinted lenses are able to offer protection from these light-related triggers and, if requested, can be manufactured to meet the appropriate safety guidelines set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

What is ANSI Certification?

ANSI regulations were adopted into OSHA workplace safety guidelines in an effort to standardize eye protection and the use of safety eyewear in job environments where there may be an increased risk for injury. These standards notably require higher performance for impact resistance tests when compared with fashion or everyday prescription glasses; this allows for greater protection from common hazards in the workplace. Both lenses and frame must meet these guidelines in order to garner ANSI certification, regardless of whether they are prescription, non prescription, tinted or untinted. The surefire way to determine if a pair of glasses has achieved ANSI certification is by the special markings on the lenses and/or frame.

Can Tinted Lenses be ANSI Rated?

In general, tinted glasses for light sensitivity—such as TheraSpecs—that help minimize light-related issues from migraine or other conditions can be ANSI certified for safety use. This is typically designated by a mark on the lens indicating that it has passed ANSI standards and utilizes a special tint. Each employer has different rules regarding the use of tinted eyewear indoors, so we encourage customers to discuss this as an option with the appropriate representative at the company prior to purchase.

Can I Get TheraSpecs Tinted Safety Lenses?

Yes! TheraSpecs lenses can be created with the appropriate thickness to meet ANSI impact resistance regulations, and our lab will etch the required safety monogram onto the lens if needed. We can manufacture indoor lenses (great for fluorescent lighting and interior use) as well as our outdoor lenses (great for glare and outdoor environments)—both with our tint—either with or without prescription. However, TheraSpecs frames are not ANSI certified; therefore, customers will have to source and send in their own safety-compliant frame.

Where Can I Find an ANSI Certified Frame?

You can start by asking your employer which frame to purchase to meet the requirements of your workplace. If there is no recommendation, the go-to brand is Armour Rx, which will meet most protective eyewear standards.

How Do I Order TheraSpecs Safety Lenses?

Before placing an order, we recommend speaking with your supervisor or designated safety representative to determine whether TheraSpecs (and the accompanying frame) comply with the specific rules your company requires for protective and/or tinted eyewear. If you are ordering prescription TheraSpecs lenses with the certified safety thickness, you can order online at Make sure you have a picture or copy of your prescription that you can upload to the online form. *Important note: Please select polycarbonate lenses and add “safety thickness, safety monogram” in the notes section prior to completing your order.

If you are purchasing non-prescription TheraSpecs, you can place your order for safety lenses at As with prescription orders, make sure you add “safety thickness, safety monogram” in the notes section.

There is no additional cost for ordering ANSI-certified, safety-thickness TheraSpecs lenses. Final pricing will vary by indoor or outdoor lenses as well as prescription or non-prescription and can be calculated at the online order forms listed above.

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