"I Don't Have to Stop My Entire Day" (Sarrah's Story)

"I Don't Have to Stop My Entire Day" (Sarrah's Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 26th Nov 2018

People with migraine often recount the experience of their first attack during childhood or their teenage years as an occurrence that forever changed their health and their lives. Sarrah is one of those individuals who, at just 25 years old, has lived with the headache disorder for more than a decade. And she knows all too well the challenges that come with a chronic illness, from the physical symptoms to the failed treatments.

"As many can imagine, migraine can be a debilitating condition," she said. "I've gone through about a dozen medications, including pills and injectables; nothing really worked. I've also tried nerve block injections, which did not provide relief either."

Painful light sensitivity also dramatically impacts Sarrah, particularly during her attacks. In her search for relief, she learned of how TheraSpecs migraine glasses could protect her against the pain that can be triggered by bright light exposure. Today, she relies on them in the early stages of an episode to stay functional and effective at work as a marketing professional.

"Whenever I feel a migraine coming on, I dim the lights in my office and put on my TheraSpecs glasses, and they truly provide relief. The light filtering helps to lessen the intensity of a migraine; I don't have to stop my entire day because of the level of pain that I'm in."

She felt so strongly about the benefit of TheraSpecs that she even tweeted recently about how much she recommends them for others with migraine!

Sarrah wearing TheraSpecs at work

Sarrah tweet supporting TheraSpecs

In addition, Sarrah is passionate about traveling, with a goal of visiting 30 countries by the time she turns 30 years old. And TheraSpecs are one of the go-to items in her migraine toolkit to help her get where she is going...throughout the world and in life.

It is truly a privilege to be part of your adventures, Sarrah!

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