2019: Another Amazing Year of TheraSpecs Relief

2019: Another Amazing Year of TheraSpecs Relief

Written by Greg Bullock on 30th Dec 2019

Our team takes great satisfaction in knowing that we continue to give light sensitivity relief to more people than we did the year before, and 2019 was no different. Thousands of people like you discovered TheraSpecs for the first time this year and used them to temper their photophobia. This ultimately means more time with friends and family, more of the activities you love, and more life!

While every customer we help is special, we wanted to highlight a few of the stories that touched us.

Ameliarose wearing Keaton TheraSpecs on American Idol

On American Idol!

It is pretty exciting to see TheraSpecs in all their glory on a nationally-renowned television show, particularly when worn in the pursuit of one’s professional dream. That is exactly what happened for Ameliarose, who advanced to the Hollywood Week round of American Idol in 2019, donning her Keaton TheraSpecs the whole way! Ameliarose uses her TheraSpecs to help manage the visual snow and light sensitivity that she experiences.

Julie wearing WearOver TheraSpecs

Migraine Slayers

Nothing evokes the image of TheraSpecs relief quite like the phrase “migraine slayers,” as shared by customer Julie. Her normal was dozens of migraine attacks every day and, with the help of our indoor fitover glasses, she is now down to just a few. It is not complete remission, but it has allowed her to attend sporting events, concerts and even consider traveling again. "These are MIGRAINE SLAYERS! I’ve been experiencing far LESS migraine attacks [since] I first tried them on. [They] allow me to actually do some activities that I previously could not do without exhaustion or a very nasty headache that wouldn’t leave me alone!" she told us.

Read Julie’s full story here ➜

Buster wearing indoor Classic TheraSpecs

One of America’s Heroes

We love helping our nation’s heroes, the servicemen and women who defend this country. Buster is one such veteran, having served in the United States Marine Corps. Unfortunately, like many others in uniform, he has had to endure regular migraine attacks since his service, but TheraSpecs have changed the outcome of this battle. In fact, he calls them his “go to no-med migraine buster” and credits the Semper Fi Fund for helping procure them on his behalf.

Jess wearing indoor Audrey TheraSpecs, Blue

Best in Quality and Value

One thing we know about people with chronic illnesses like migraine: they often try anything and everything to find relief. Not surprisingly, this extends to tinted eyewear too, with many comparing and even mixing different styles depending on the situation. Jess had similarly tried other brands of so-called migraine glasses, but realized just how much better TheraSpecs were. "They help me tremendously! I am able to enjoy things today that a year ago, before I had these, I could not, as I would have been confined to a dark room, and miserable. There are a lot of other brands who make glasses for migraine sufferers, but I specifically wear TheraSpecs because after tons of research and trial and error, I have found them to be the best in quality, value, effectiveness, customer care, and aesthetics."

Katie wearing outdoor Pilot TheraSpecs on her honeymoon

Enjoying The Honeymoon

For good reason, we greatly enjoy hearing from TheraSpecs customers who are living their best life as a result of our glasses. They don’t have to hide from the light anymore. Katie recently celebrated her honeymoon in sunny Aruba with confidence because she had her outdoor Pilot TheraSpecs to keep protected against the bright sunshine. "Love my new TheraSpecs! Great tool to keep the light sensitivity away!" she said. Cheers to the happy couple!

Special Medal for Angie Migraine Free for One Year

Migraine Free for One Year

We recently shared Angie’s story on our blog, and it still gets to us. Angie has truly been through the ringer, from visual deficiencies that started early in life to multiple concussions that have led to migraines and light sensitivity. So when she told us that TheraSpecs have helped her remain MIGRAINE FREE for a whole year, we were genuinely overwhelmed. “Today is my one year anniversary migraine free, in large part due to TheraSpecs. My seeing eye dog is so much happier now that mommy does not get migraines. Give TheraSpecs a try—[they are] worth your time and money…” We even had a commemorative medal made for Angie to honor the occasion.

Read Angie’s full story here ➜

Angelica wearing indoor Audrey TheraSpecs

Angelica and Her Grandfather

Angelica has been a big fan of TheraSpecs, calling them “life changing,” but one of the more memorable moments of the year was when she shared a video of her grandfather, Javier, experiencing the relief of TheraSpecs for the first time. A man in his late 60’s seeing the brightness of the world around him without pain is pretty amazing. Take a look for yourself!

We especially love the extra long "Woooooow" he gave. Thank you to Angelica for sharing this special moment!

Kathryn wearing prescription indoor Haven TheraSpecs

A Little Dash of Magic

Some TheraSpecs users just know right away that they are in for a positive relationship with our glasses. Kathryn noticed a difference within minutes of putting them on—her visual snow-related auras becoming far less intrusive than before. “I was able to be out in sunlight without my eyes hurting for the first time in at least a decade. I’ve had them less than a day and I can already tell they will be something I will be using every day,” she said. We are especially proud of Kathryn’s support for TheraSpecs after her order got off to a rocky start; but she stuck with us and believed in the quality and commitment of our customer care team. She even says she would recommend us just for the service we provided!

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