26 Migraine Glasses Reviews from Patients, Advocates and Experts

26 Migraine Glasses Reviews from Patients, Advocates and Experts

Written by Greg Bullock on 30th Jan 2022

Have you considered trying therapeutic migraine glasses to cut down on the harmful light that may be triggering your attacks? There’s plenty of clinical evidence to show that they work, and the experiences of real people who have tried TheraSpecs in particular show that they have the ability to deliver a life-changing impact.

Below we’ve catalogued 26 reviews of TheraSpecs migraine glasses, highlighting the stories of patients, migraine and headache advocates, and leading experts. In addition, we have included how some of the most common types of migraine (migraine with aura, vestibular migraine, hemiplegic migraine) can benefit from these lenses.

Reviews of Indoor Migraine Glasses

Kailey Wearing indoor Audrey TheraSpecs in the blue frame
Kailey's Review

"I Wear Them All The Time Now"

I’ve always had headaches but the past 7 1/2 months I’ve had a headache or a migraine pretty much every day. I found this company that makes glasses specifically for this reason. They are called TheraSpecs and I cannot stress enough how much they have helped me. I wear them all the time now and have them in indoor and outdoor lenses. If you suffer from headaches or migraines check them out for some relief!

Christi Wearing indoor Pilot TheraSpecs while drinking coffee
Christi's Review

"You Can Trust They're Legit"

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve suffered from migraines my whole life. TheraSpecs makes glasses which specifically target the light which triggers migraines for many people. I have personally found them to be very helpful and recommend checking them out. Also what’s cool about TheraSpecs is that they have been scientifically proven so you can trust they’re legit.

Jason Wears Haven TheraSpecs with indoor lenses
Jason's Review

"The Frequency of My Migraines Dropped"

Light sensitivity was terrible for me. LED, fluorescent, or even bright light bulbs. I found myself getting migraines more frequently. I tried TheraSpecs after I [did] some research. Science backed and highly recommended, I thought I would give them a try. I noticed the difference almost immediately. The frequency of my migraines dropped. The pain when I did get one was reduced. I can now actually enjoy using my phone or being on the laptop. I cannot thank TheraSpecs enough for all the work you do.

Andreina Wearing indoor Pilot TheraSpecs for migraine symptoms
Andreina's Review

"No More Hiding In The Dark!"

When I took this pic I was about to drive to the grocery store but had a terrible migraine, so why was I smiling you might be asking? Well that’s because I was wearing my new TheraSpecs glasses. I wasn’t feeling any pain behind my eyes for the first time during an attack! I felt an instant calming effect. I was actually able to shop without feeling like the fluorescent lights at the store were melting my brain! These special glasses are extremely cute, high quality and super comfortable. Definitely a great tool to have in your Migraine Tool Kit!

Barb Wearing indoor Pilot TheraSpecs glasses for migraine
Barb's Review

"They Really Work"

My eyes are extremely sensitive when I have a headache, and may even perpetuate migraines. My husband encouraged me to purchase glasses that my neurologist suggested may help my eye pain and sensitivity. I was skeptical, but figured they couldn’t hurt. The moment I put them on, I was extremely surprised at how soothed my eyes felt. Then, the more I wore them, the less sensitive my eyes were, and the less my aura progressed into actual migraines. I ended up ordering the outdoor lenses as well, and wear both pairs daily (depending on what I am doing) to alleviate my eye pain. They really work.

Dean Wearing indoor Conrad TheraSpecs
Dean's Review

"I Bring Them Everywhere I Go!"

After developing severe vertigo (and a whole other host of symptoms) I was finally diagnosed with vestibular migraine. I have been a law enforcement officer in Canada for 7 years, and at the onset of my symptoms I was unable to work. Some days I wasn’t even able to get out of bed! I ended up getting a set of prescription Conrad TheraSpecs and they help immensely...I bring them with me everywhere I go! I just want to thank TheraSpecs for helping people like me out in getting on with our lives and not letting these disorders get the best of us!

Michelle Wearing indoor TheraSpecs, Keaton frame
Michelle's Review

"I Noticed The Difference Immediately!"

I have battled migraines for 40 years, with multiple triggers. I noticed about a year ago that every time I got in my car (even with polarized sunglasses) or was at my office, I could feel one coming on. I started researching online and sure enough, I found out that light (especially fluorescent) can trigger migraines. I decided to give TheraSpecs a try. I noticed the difference immediately! As long as I wear them in fluorescent/bright light, I no longer struggle to beat back a migraine. I still have my other triggers, but this has helped a lot. Thank you!

Hanna Wearing indoor Audrey TheraSpecs
Hanna's Review

"I Knew They Were For Me"

My photophobia basically feels like sandpaper on my eyes from the moment I wake up. I decided to give TheraSpecs a go in June 2019, and they pretty instantly made my eyes feel better. After 3 days, I knew they were for me. When I let a friend with a migraine wear them, she sighed and said, "it's like a holiday for your eyes." When I take them off, it's pretty instant return of discomfort. I know my photophobia and migraines are related to stress, and the glasses are a relief when stress is high. But I wear them all the time, since almost any light bothers me these days.

Reviews of Outdoor Migraine Sunglasses

Marina wearing outdoor Audrey TheraSpecs migraine sunglasses
Marina's Review

"Light Does Not Hurt"

For me summertime means spending a lot of time outside with the kids! Whether we are in our butterfly garden, playing in the backyard, or in the pool, the sunshine is always following me around taunting me with its rays. Unfortunately light sensitivity is one of my migraine symptoms. ⁣I have been using TheraSpecs outdoor glasses for about a month now and love that when I wear them, light does not hurt when I am having an attack. I can spend time outside during a migraine attack and be there with my kids. No more sitting indoors and hiding from the sun!

Faith wearing outdoor Audrey TheraSpecs for migraine relief
Faith's Review

"Making A Difference!"

The past few weeks I’ve been giving TheraSpecs a try to see how they help my light sensitivity with migraines and even just day to day, and they have definitely been making a difference! Days that would’ve left me stuck doing nothing I have a little more relief from my symptoms and able to do some more because of TheraSpecs! The ones in the first slide are the [outdoor] lenses, which are very helpful as someone who is super sensitive to sunlight, they’re darker and polarized!

Tori wearing outdoor Classic TheraSpecs for migraine
Tori's Review

"A Truly Life Changing Product!!"

I got diagnosed at 10 with migraines. At 25 I got diagnosed with a rare brain condition that made them worse than ever. It was so bad that I couldn’t be outside if the sun was out no matter how dark my glasses were. Then a neurologist told me about TheraSpecs. My life changed so much after that. Fast forward to 5 years later and you won’t catch me without my TheraSpecs on! I can go outside now without fear of a migraine. These glasses are made for migraine sufferers! Thank you so much TheraSpecs for a truly life changing product!!

Reviews of TheraSpecs Migraine Glasses on Amazon

★★★★★ Perfect for migraine sufferers
I suffer from migraines and when I started working at an elementary school I started getting them more often. I came to the conclusion that it was because of the old, fluorescent lights since I have a light sensitivity. Ever since I started wearing these I haven’t had a migraine at the school. Not a one! I like that these are slightly curved [around] the eye. I feel like that helps a lot. They’re very lightweight, too. I’m so glad I have these as an option. They are lifesavers!!
Amazon Review, Haven TheraSpecs

★★★★★ Wish I bought these sooner
I’ve owned these for 4.5 months now, after originally buying a least expensive pair from a different brand and immediately returned them. You really do get what you pay for and I should have bought these first. What a difference they’ve made with my light sensitivity with my migraines. I have avoided big box stores for years now, I haven’t been in a mall in 11 years, because the lights made me feel so weird, like I could fall over. Over the last few years, that weirdness turned into weirdness and an immediate migraine. I now bring these with me to stores and put them on before going in them and I’m perfectly fine now. Don’t drive with them on, because you won’t see the street lights properly. I wear these at home too. Certain lights, like the ones in my dining room are just horrible. I’ll put them on to prevent and to help treat my migraines. I was a little unsure about how I’d look in them. Usually [I] wouldn’t wear this shape of glasses, but they looked most like my style out of all the options. Turns out I really like the way they look and I’d totally buy another pair like this. I recommend to everyone.
GirlMomB, Amazon Review, Quinn TheraSpecs

★★★★★ The best company to do business with!
I love them. As in, I wish I could go back and order these months ago when I first heard of them. I was being cheap and didn’t think I really needed them, didn’t think they really worked, etc. I had every excuse you could think of- all to save myself $100. Then I got covid. And my monthly migraines became daily. For about 3 months, I was dealing with a headache every single day. I was looking for every possible solution I could try. I got started on a preventative medication. Didn’t seem to help. Tried supplements. Helped a little, but still getting migraines on a weekly basis. So, finally decided to try these. I started wearing them outside and in place of sunglasses. It was only when I removed them did I realize how relaxed my eyes were with them! I realized that sunglasses were actually making my photophobia worse! But these didn’t! I don’t feel like I have to wear these all the time. I wear them when I’m driving or going to be outside for extending periods or staring at the computer for a long time. I wear them when there are other potential triggers about (like changes in barometric pressure, etc) and combined are going to cause me problems. Do they work? I have to say, YES! And since they come from a company that really seems to care about their customers- I have to say they are worth every cent!
Amazon Review, Audrey TheraSpecs

★★★★★ Migraineur since 4 years old - never knew what I was missing
I have had migraines for thirty years. I've tried everything. Have spent thousands of dollars on treatment. I wish I would have bought these glasses four years ago when I first stumbled across the product! When the package arrived, I already had a migraine. The instant I put the glasses on, the best way I can describe what happened is as if my eyes were able to breathe a sigh of relief. I knew I had sensitive eyes, but I hadn't realized that my eyes are almost constantly strained. These glasses have not been a magic cure for migraines, but they have increased my quality of life immeasurably! I do believe they have prevented many migraines already, and they significantly make my day to day life more comfortable. I have been recommending them to everyone who deals with sensitive eyes or migraines.
Jim, Amazon Review, Audrey TheraSpecs

What Migraine Advocates Think of TheraSpecs

Alicia Wolf, The Dizzy Cook, wearing indoor TheraSpecs

"TheraSpecs have a much darker reddish-pink tint, so if you're used to wearing sunglasses inside everywhere (which is not good as it makes you more sensitive to light over time), this is a great product to transition to. They're really effective in big box stores like Target or the grocery store, especially during an attack."
-Alicia Wolf, The Dizzy Cook

Joe Coe, migraine advocate, wearing indoor

"Light sensitivity is one of my biggest issues—outside of attacks, I have it all the time. And I have found these indoors to be really helpful, particularly when you can’t control the lighting in the space. I am a big believer in these. TheraSpecs are amazing!"
-Joe Coe, NHF HeadsUp Podcast

Picture of Haven Outdoor TheraSpecs for Migraine Strong Review

"I stepped outside to get a good look at the tint. I can’t believe how much crisper they make the world look, while still toning down the bright light. It’s like some kind of magic trick. Gazing upward toward the bright Florida sun can be problematic. These really do help to turn down the brightness helping to relieve migraine associated photophobia."
-Jennifer Bragdon, Migraine Strong

TheraSpecs for Different Migraine Types

quotation mark

The glasses actually work!!! For over 5 years I’d been able to go into a shop for no more than 5 minutes without feeling very unwell due to vestibular migraines. I put these on the day I received them and went to a shopping mall, and didn’t hold out much hope. But 6 hours later I came out feeling absolutely great. I honestly feel like I’ve got a big part of my life back.
Julie with Vestibular Migraine

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I cannot say enough good things about this company! Their glasses have changed my life. Suffering from hemiplegic migraines, I am able to work on the computer for hours at a time now and enjoy the outdoors once again!
Karen with Hemiplegic Migraine

quotation mark

My TheraSpecs glasses have made a huge difference for me and I'm so thankful. I suffer from light sensitivity and migraines with aura that are often triggered by bright lights and computer/TV screens. As soon as light starts to bother me and it feels like a migraine is starting, I put the glasses on and get immediate relief.
Kristine with Migraine with Aura

Reviews of TheraSpecs from Leading Experts

These Glasses for Migraines Are Game Changing

"Best Indoor Migraine Glasses, Classic TheraSpecs: Dr. Gottschalk recommends going with a brand like TheraSpecs, which specifically designs its glasses for people who experience migraines, instead of just ordering generic rose-tinted glasses. This pair has FL-41 lenses, which block blue-green light and have been shown to reduce headache frequency. They're also good for filtering out fluorescent lights and LEDs if those tend to make your head pound."

The 5 Best Sunglasses for Light-Sensitive Eyes

"A Pair Of Migraine Glasses For Wearing Indoors That Are Worth The Splurge: If even indoor light sets off alarm bells, a pair of FL-41 lenses could measurably improve your quality of life. These lenses feature a raspberry tint calibrated to reduce strain from fluorescent lighting and block out light from screens—they’ll shield against 80% of blue light that triggers sensitivity."

TheraSpecs vs Other Migraine Glasses

Man wearing indoor TheraSpecs
Woman wearing indoor TheraSpecs

"Best in Quality, Value, Effectiveness, Customer Care and Aesthetics" (Jess' Review)

"I suffer from migraines, and these are a special, high quality, FL-41 tint glasses to block the specific type of light that triggers photophobia in migraine sufferers. They are not sunglasses, which do not work as well for migraines. They are well researched, superior technology for migraine sufferers, and I wouldn’t be without them anywhere. They help me tremendously! I am able to enjoy things today that a year ago, before I had these, I could not, as I would have been confined to a dark room, and miserable. There are a lot of other brands who make glasses for migraine sufferers, but I specifically wear TheraSpecs because after tons of research and trial and error, I have found them to be the best in quality, value, effectiveness, customer care, and aesthetics. I hope this helps someone out there who could use some relief!"

Aimee wearing Audrey indoor TheraSpecs for relief for her attacks

"Most Attractive Frames On The Market!" (Aimee's Review)

"Before TheraSpecs I struggled with severe light sensitivity, ocular migraines, visual disturbances, patches of vision loss, and headaches. All of my work is done on the computer and I’m also a gamer, so eye strain is a frequent problem too. I have extreme reactions to fluorescent lighting, so spending any time in my office or the store was miserable. It was embarrassing to have to wear hats and sunglasses to prevent the myriad of symptoms the lighting caused, and it didn’t really help much anyway. After comparing various blue light-blocking glasses and other FL-41 lenses I decided to try TheraSpecs and I’m so glad I did! They have provided tremendous relief and allow me to function without the fear and dread of recurrent symptoms. And as a cherry on top, the Audrey frames are the most attractive frames on the market!"

Amazon customer wearing Keaton TheraSpecs giving the peace sign
Photo of TheraSpecs unboxed with glasses, wish note and microfiber bag

"A soft velvet eye mask that I can see through!" (Amazon Customer Review)

"I received this item 30 minutes ago and I’m already in love. So, when I first put these on, they feel brighter than they are. It’s important to let your eyes adjust with them on and hopefully you’ll see the difference when they’re off and proof of why they work for migraine and daily persistent headache (in my case, anyway). I also have a pair of glasses from axon optics and they are a lighter tint. They tend to cause irritation on my [eyes], and I don’t think there’s enough of the filter. Seems more aesthetically pleasing. [TheraSpecs] feel so comfortable on my face! Like a soft velvet eye mask that I can see through!"

TheraSpecs Glasses for Your Health

Try our therapeutic glasses and get relief for issues triggered by light, such as migraines, headaches, photophobia, concussion symptoms, seizures, eye health, and sleep.

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