"The Best Investment Out There" (Katrina’s Story)

"The Best Investment Out There" (Katrina’s Story)

Posted by Greg Bullock on 20th Apr 2019

Although migraine is perhaps the top cause of persistent light sensitivity, there are actually dozens of conditions that can lead to this painful symptom. Most importantly, TheraSpecs can be equally as effective in providing meaningful relief for non-migrainous photophobia—such as for Katrina who battles Sjogren’s Syndrome.

Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that affects glands which produce moisture and leads to frequent dry eye and other symptoms. Plus, there are countless neurological features of the condition, including migraine-like headache, extreme fatigue and (of course) sensitivity to light. For Katrina, there were very few remedies that could help specifically for her photophobic symptoms.

"I have worn sunglasses indoors and still suffered," she said. "There are too many people that have photophobia from autoimmune diseases, and unfortunately normal rose-tinted glasses DO NOT work and there are no other known options for those who suffer."

That is until now, she notes.

Katrina learned of TheraSpecs glasses, which have been specially designed for people with these strong sensory deficits. They filter wavelengths of light that can aggravate Sjogren’s- and dry eye-related photophobia. As a result, she can now enjoy the precious moments and activities in her life.

"After receiving [TheraSpecs] I finally have relief, I can now wear these when I go places and can actually open my blinds. These glasses are the best investment out there, you have got to try them," she said.

Moreover, she was particularly appreciative of the support she received from our team in finding the right TheraSpecs style for her needs. When her first pair did not represent the best fit and feel for which she was hoping, she took advantage of our 60-day return and exchange policy to find a better option. Now she absolutely adores her Audrey-style TheraSpecs, and it all happened with the help of our service team.

Katrina wearing indoor Audrey TheraSpecs

"I emailed customer support and got a very quick response that they were able to go above standard care; in fact, they allowed me to order my new glasses and return the others [after the new ones arrived] so I was not without protection. I highly recommend TheraSpecs!"

Not only are we thrilled for Katrina to finally feel some improvement in her light sensitivity, but a big part of our company revolves around making sure customers like her are truly happy with their TheraSpecs. We want you to love them in every way and are willing to work with you as much as possible to make that happen. Thank you Katrina for sharing your story!

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