10 POWERFUL TheraSpecs Testimonials from Individuals with Chronic Illness

10 POWERFUL TheraSpecs Testimonials from Individuals with Chronic Illness

Written by Greg Bullock on 1st Nov 2016

We love helping all of our customers overcome their personal health challenges, and it feels especially inspiring when TheraSpecs can make an impact for those who live with chronic illness. Bringing noticeable relief to these individuals—many of whom endure the daily struggle of pain and/or other symptoms—can potentially mean helping them achieve their own expectations of post-diagnostic normalcy as it relates to activities and lifestyle. Here are the words of ten people with chronic illness, all of whom have sensitivity to light and/or migraine attacks, as well as what they had to say about TheraSpecs.

Kelley (Vestibular Migraine)

My Migraine Brain

For me, I wouldn’t be able to work in a modern office without something to protect my eyes from the fluorescent lights and computer screens! I found that wearing my TheraSpecs glasses significantly reduced eye strain, and over the period of the last few weeks has kept sitting under fluorescent lights from being a significant trigger. When I wear no eye protection, I end the day with eye strain, pressure headaches, fatigue, and dizziness that affects me for days to come. When I wear my TheraSpecs, my eyes feel way more relaxed, and the dizziness, fatigue, and migraine is significantly improved.

Lydia (Fibromyalgia)

Being Lydia

I decided I needed to broaden my testing ground so I wore [TheraSpecs] on a Costco trip. Every time I head into the warehouse store I get anxious, tired, and often find my head is pounding by the time we leave. Over the years I figured this was due to the crowds, my chronic conditions and just hating shopping there. Wearing TheraSpecs, I got through a major shop with very little eyestrain, anxiety or a headache...Costco has these very powerful lights with glass covers and a high-vaulted metal ceiling to brighten up the store as much as possible. It was those very lights that were causing me problems.

Sarah (Migraine)

My Migraine Life

Besides being so helpful with my migraines, headaches, and photophobia, I really like the look and feel of TheraSpecs. Glasses often times are uncomfortable and heavy on my face. TheraSpecs are lightweight, have flexible fit and wrap around coverage if needed. The tint is nice for indoors being I don’t feel like they look like special need glasses or too dark sunglasses. They provide the perfect combination of indoor glasses and protective eye wear.

Julie (Fibromyalgia)

Counting My Spoons

The point is that [TheraSpecs] helped. They cut the insane light that was otherwise making the migraine worse, and they actually reduced the pain so that I could deal a little better.

Alisha (Fibromyalgia)

The Invisible F

The moment I put the frames on, I felt noticeable relief as some of the strain was taken off my eyes. I wore them all evening while working on my laptop, then took them off briefly to rub my eyes. Taking them off really helped me to see what a difference they made. As I took them off, the laptop light was a shock to my eyes and I immediately had to turn away. For over 40 days I tested the eyewear while indoors and I noted a reduction in the frequency and intensity in most of the migraines I experienced.

Lisa (Lupus)

Damsel In A Dress

I’m a really picky person, so I wasn’t expecting to love these glasses as much as I do. But they have been a big help to me since I’ve gotten them. A lot of the time when you want something to help you live an easier life with a chronic illness you have to sacrifice your sense of style, so I really like that you don’t have to do that with these glasses.

Lisa (Migraine)

Chronically Content

When I received [my] TheraSpecs in the mail, I put them on immediately. I already had a migraine that day. I had been on the computer that day a lot. Immediately, I noticed how my eyes felt "relaxed", because I am always squinting. The light in the room seemed to be just right. The computer light was great and my headache eased within 1 hour. In two hours my headache was gone.

Elizabeth (Fibromyalgia, Chronic Migraine)

Porcelain Fibromommy

For the ultimate test… Duh duh duh! My sons were invited to an all expenses paid arcade and pizza birthday party for my friend’s son. I had woken up with a blistering migraine that morning and only wanted to die, but I took my meds, slept until my husband had to go to work and then peeled myself out of bed. Like most migraineurs, I avoid loud places with bright strobby lights like they carry the plague. I couldn’t. But I brought my TheraSpecs with me instead.

I fully fully expected to need to leave early to go throw up from over light stimulation….. Nope! I stayed for the whole party. No follow up migraine. It was still crazy loud, I won’t be planning any parties there, but I firmly believe that TheraSpecs were the reason I walked away without a migraine. And that’s saying a lot.

Alicia (Chronic Migraine)

Made 4 Hypersensitives

When I compare these glasses to the cheap ones I wore for two years, TheraSpecs beats them by miles. You may be afraid of the price tag–but don’t be. They are worth every penny. I replaced the cheap glasses almost every 3 months because they would wear out so quickly. Since TheraSpecs are made with high-quality materials and use [a precision tint] to help migraineurs in particular–they are far superior and I doubt I will have to replace them for at least a year or two of constant use.

Charleigh (Fibromyalgia)

Charleigh The Warrior

One thing I often struggle with, which regularly was enough to cause me a migraine is the lights in supermarkets. I have always found them to be extra bright. Wearing the TheraSpecs glasses has definitely helped this, meaning I can now take time to look around shops properly and with less stress, knowing that It won’t cause a migraine. I also use the glasses whilst at my computer which has really helped as I can now do more – whether that’s writing a blog post, catching up with the news, or doing uni work! I also tried them at the cinema and managed to get through the whole film and leave with a mini migraine which was a lot more tolerable than it could have been.

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