"A Little Light at the End of the Tunnel" (Stephen's Story)

"A Little Light at the End of the Tunnel" (Stephen's Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 29th Nov 2017

There is always something extra special to be able to bring a bit of relief to one of our nation’s veterans. In addition to working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs to get TheraSpecs in the hands of these American heroes, our team takes great joy in hearing how our precision-tinted glasses give them a sense of normalcy to their lives off the battlefield. These are the experiences of one such hero, Stephen, and his wife, Liz.

As a decorated Gunnery Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, Stephen dealt with the dangers of war on a regular basis—and always stood shoulder-to-shoulder with his brothers on the battlefield. He was deployed numerous times to both Iraq and Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, but it ultimately began to take a toll on him. He had experienced multiple traumatic brain injuries (TBI) on these deployments—which also caused debilitating migraine attacks and light sensitivity—and eventually these traumas forced him into early retirement from the military.

Unfortunately, the physical complications only worsened from there. Everyday activities, such as going to the gym or the grocery store, became a challenge for him.

"His eyes hurt him ALL the time. We can't go to the store because of the lights. He doesn't drive anymore and doesn't work. He has been to every doctor out there, and he takes more meds than anyone I know," Liz said.

Fluorescent lighting, computer screens, and other light sources were particularly problematic—often triggering headaches, migraine attacks and other TBI symptoms within just a few minutes of exposure.

Then everything changed after he was introduced to TheraSpecs precision-tinted glasses. With custom pairs of our indoor and outdoor lenses, he slowly began to regain these precious aspects of his life.

"[He] started wearing them when on the computer or watching TV. Then when going to doctors appointments! Now everywhere! They have really made him a little more able to do things without being in bed for two or three days after a 10 minute trip to the store."

Stephen has even entertained aspirations of returning to work in the future. And both he and Liz are truly thankful for the incredible results TheraSpecs have offered.

"Thank you for making a little light at the end of the tunnel for him again!!!!!"

Thank you for your service, Stephen and Liz. It is our honor and privilege to return the favor and give you freedom from TBI-related light sensitivity and a piece of your life back.

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