The Complete DIY Guide to Ordering Prescription Migraine Glasses from TheraSpecs

The Complete DIY Guide to Ordering Prescription Migraine Glasses from TheraSpecs

Written by Greg Bullock on 23rd Aug 2016

Did you know you can order TheraSpecs in your prescription? It’s true! This is a request we hear quite often from current and prospective customers, and we take tremendous care getting it right because it is important to us that your eyewear meets your specific needs. We want you to have a great experience with TheraSpecs, and, most importantly, we want you to find relief—whether it is for migraine, photophobia, or any other condition complicated by light sensitivity.

Before we begin, it is important to note that prescription orders are not refundable, and so we encourage everyone to try one of our existing styles first to make sure you will be happy with your prescription eyewear. For instance, we have a fitover frame meant to go over existing glasses (known as the WearOver style), which could be a great starter pair. However, this is not required.

When you’re ready, here is your step-by-step guide to ordering prescription migraine glasses from TheraSpecs.

1. Make sure you have your prescription from your eye doctor

It is always important to have your eyes checked regularly by a professional; the Mayo Clinic recommends more frequent appointments as you age and if you already wear glasses, contacts, or otherwise require vision correction. So if it has been a few years since you have renewed your prescription, now would be a good time to update it.

Pupillary distance and segment height: We also recommend having your optician measure your pupillary distance (PD). We need this information in order to properly align the lenses over the center of your pupils, which in turn gives the best correction and clarity of vision, according to AC Lens. If you are sending a bifocal or progressive prescription we will need your optician to obtain one more measurement called segment height to make your lenses. This measurement is specific to the frame for which the lenses will be made. See section 4 below for details.

Once you have your prescription, we need it converted into a format that can be uploaded to our order system. A few easy tricks for doing this include taking a picture of it with your phone or scanning it as a JPEG image or PDF file. As soon as you have it, keep it handy as you will need it when you place the order.

2. Determine which frame style you want

You have two basic options for the frames of your TheraSpecs: you can choose one of our existing styles ( Haven, Classic, Pilot, Hudson, Audrey, Keaton, Winslow, Nora, Quinn or Conradclick each one to see photos) or send in a pair you already own that you want fitted with our lenses. If you prefer the latter option, make sure you know whether or not your frames are full-rim, semi-rimless, or rimless. This refers to how the lenses are physically placed in the frame; if the frame goes all the way around the lens, it is full-rim. If the frame is drill mounted directly to the lens with no enclosure, it is rimless.

Eyeglasses rim styles

(photos courtesy of

This is important because it will help determine what type of lens material you should select for your order. Here are some of our lens guidelines to help you make the right determination:

CR-39: Our standard lens which provides the best optics at the lowest price. However, this cannot be used in a semi-rimless or rimless frame style.

Polycarbonate: Our thinnest lens. It may be used in a full-rim style, but MUST be used in a semi-rimless or rimless style. Choose this or Trivex for prescriptions with a +/- 4 or greater in the sphere or cylinder.

Trivex: Our lightest weight lens. Trivex offers greater quality than polycarbonate, but is also more expensive. It may be used in a full-rim style, but MUST be used in a semi-rimless or rimless style. Choose this or polycarbonate for prescriptions with a +/- 4 in the sphere or cylinder. 

3. Choose Indoor and/or Outdoor TheraSpecs

TheraSpecs can be ordered with indoor or outdoor lenses. Indoor lenses offer protection around everyday interior lighting - e.g. fluorescents, LED computer screens, and more - and are our most popular lenses. We also have polarized outdoor lenses, which function very much like sunglasses, and help those individuals who are sensitive to bright sunlight. Both lens options are tinted to filter the most painful light that research has shown to trigger or worsen migraine, eyestrain, and light sensitivity. So how do you choose which you need?

TheraSpecs Indoor and Outdoor Lenses

It really comes down to where you are most sensitive. If your biggest triggers stem primarily from fluorescent light, then indoor lenses are the way to go. If regular sunglasses just don’t cut it for you in bright sunlight, then you should consider outdoor lenses. You can also order separate pairs for indoor and outdoor if you are sensitive to both.

4. Obtain your segment height (bifocal and progressive prescriptions only)

If you have a bifocal or progressive prescription, you will need to obtain your segment height for accurate placement of the lens correction. The segment height is specific to each frame and person, so you must actually be wearing the chosen frames to measure it. Once again, we recommend having a professional do it.

Lastly, if you selected one of TheraSpecs existing styles for your prescription, we will send you a sample pair of frames for your optician to help you acquire this measurement upon the placement of your order. If you are sending in your own frame, make sure you have your segment height prior to mailing them to us.

5. Adding optional lens coatings

We also offer specialty coatings for our lenses, specifically scratch-resistant or anti-reflective (AR), which provide additional protections for those who desire them. These are completely optional, and there is an additional cost for each of these coatings.

6. Place your order

You now have everything you need to place your prescription TheraSpecs order online! Go ahead and submit your information here: Once our lab has everything, orders can take approximately 3 weeks to complete and prep them for return shipping.

7. Enjoy your TheraSpecs!

Many customers experience relief immediately after putting on their TheraSpecs, although most note a significant improvement after two weeks of consistent use around their biggest light-related triggers. Regardless, we hope they make a positive impact in your life!

8. Still have questions?

If you have any questions throughout the process, contact our team or 1-844-276-6843.

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