“These Glasses are a Lifesaver” (Kristen’s Story)

“These Glasses are a Lifesaver” (Kristen’s Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 1st Aug 2018

Kristen knows a thing or two about living with chronic migraine; after all, one of her earliest medical memories was being told she suffered from "persistent headaches" at just 7 years of age. Over the years, she has seen numerous doctors, from primary care physicians to neurologists, and even recalls visiting a psychiatrist where she dealt with the stigma that her pain was all just a ploy for attention.

Ultimately, this all added up to countless ineffective treatment options and very little success at reducing the toll of her migraine burden.

In particular, Kristen found that her fluorescent light sensitivity further worsened her pain and contributed to recurring attacks at the end of the work day.

"I am a chemist and spend most of my day sitting under fluorescent lighting looking down at samples. As a result, I would leave work with a splitting migraine," she said.

By her own admission, Kristen had learned to work through even the most debilitating pain, but she knew that she had to find something that could bring her meaningful relief on the job. In the course of doing online research, she discovered TheraSpecs precision-tinted glasses for migraine and figured she had nothing to lose by trying them.

Example of TheraSpecs Tinted Safety Glasses
Kristen asked the TheraSpecs team to create certified safety-certified lenses with our specialty tint.

She also had a unique need for ANSI-approved safety glasses that had the TheraSpecs tint, which our team was able to custom make in a safety-certified frame that she sent us. And now, she is overjoyed to report that she has observed a significant reduction in migraine frequency!

"I have only had one migraine attack in the three weeks since receiving TheraSpecs! I wear them the entire time I am at work, not just while in the lab. These glasses are a lifesaver!"

She has been so excited at the benefits that she now has plans to get an outdoor pair to minimize her photophobia associated with sunlight and glare.

We are so thrilled for Kristen to experience the relief that thousands like her have already enjoyed! If you have a special need for TheraSpecs-tinted safety glasses, click below to learn more about how to order them.


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